Our mission

Our mission is to increase access to banking and insurance products. We enable lenders and insurers to broaden their customer base without increasing risk. We believe that people should be able to access credit and insure themselves affordably regardless of age, gender, location or credit history.

What we do

COREMETRIX blends psychology and traditional risk analytics by using image-based technology to create new data on the attitudes, values, actions and behaviors that make every human being unique.
We map these traits to product performance data building robust statistical models for consumer and SME risk prediction. This is an additional layer of new information, complementing our clients’ existing datasets and approved methods.
Seamless integration into our clients’ current system allows them to experience the benefits of personality-based risk analytics as swiftly as their internal controls permit. Whether they are looking to embark on new relationships, or simply to reduce risk with existing customers, our data creation and analysis techniques are proven to work.